Club Squali first collection presented in the Grand Hotel Ankara and Istanbul Park Hotel. Theme: geometry


Galata Tower, arranged for the benefit of the Tuberculosis Association
Theme: Pantomime style Turkey for the first time, it attracts attention by a demonstration
Fabric work: the first stylized Ottoman designs.


Consulate in the Netherlands are organized for the benefit of the American Health Assistance Hospital
Theme: contemporary women and Turkish melodies
Fabric work: abstract patterns on silk fabric.


Child Health Association, organized for the benefit of Japanese Embassy in
Theme: Sophistiquée women and abstract trial
Fabric work: Jane YILMABAŞAR'ın ceramic designs silk voile, crepe georgette creates Toilet flying attempt.


Department of Culture Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by order of that era and his wife who got Mr. President, GÖKÇAYLI'yı Bruxelles send their art as an ambassador. Bruxelles, NATO, the Common Market and the Great Embassy in Turkey does fashion shows. Bruxelles, attracts media attention, and the interview makes a Belgian television.

Program producer: "You really Türkmüsünüz? "He asks.
This goes much offense. "Why," asks GÖKÇAYLI'ya "The Turks did not seem very creative. Asks: Is the West algılanıyorsunuz. " GOKÇAYLI speaks French Haute-Couture and Anatolian civilizations.


Aid Association for the benefit of the Army, under the auspices of Madam Korutürk.


French Palace of Istanbul, under the auspices of the French Embassy and his wife.

1979 - 1983

Under the auspices of the Italian Sefirinin


Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has organized fashion shows for a week under the Turkish Week.


Lioness summer collection presented to the International Executive Circle Federasiyonu appreciated by a large audience.


Sponsored by American Express for the benefit of the Children's Medical Association.


Red Crescent for the benefit of the French Palace of Istanbul - Ankara, Hopital de la Paix for the benefit of the French embassy


Munich-Turkish Week, fashion shows, presented the Association for the benefit Stars Palace of Children in Need of Protection


Concomitantly with the British Embassy Charity


Foundation and the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs where 500.YIL organizasiyonu? does fashion shows.


Prof. benefit of the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life. Dr. Türkan Saylan support and assistance Building Credit Bank General Manager, Mr Burhan Karaçam i do fashion shows with the Construction Loan grove.


Foundation for the benefit of Aphrodisias in Istanbul Stock Exchange


Brilliant for the Ciragan Palace of Macrame company offered two nights in a row of fashion shows - the same fashion for the benefit of Support for Modern Life Association and the Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey Ciragan Palace of gene exhibited.


Concomitantly with the Ciragan Palace of Charity - Charity soldier Orduevinde Fenerbahce - the British embassy in Ankara for the benefit of the Turkish Women's Union.


Concomitantly with the Ciragan Palace of Charity - the benefit of the Turkish Women's Union, the French embassy in Ankara.


Concomitantly with the Rahmi Koc Museum Foundation benefit - the same fashion for the benefit of the Turkish Education Foundation and the Russian Embassy in İnönü Foundation.


Akmerkez organized by the 12 artists - a painter and sculptor, works 12 dress 12 dress designed a fashion show.


Perspective's fashion show (since 1968) for the benefit of Cancer research is organized by AVON.